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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Face_aboveI hope you’re starting off a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, an excellent time to stop and remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. military. I know I’ll keep that in mind as we celebrate here with a nice long weekend.

What a season this has kicked off to be and it’s just flying by! Next weekend is already the 7th annual Fast and Safe Seminar, happening June 2 here at our CLASS HQ at Santa Paula Airport. We’ve got some great guests coming including our good friends from SHOEI Premium Helmets as well as former USAF and NASA pilot and CLASS student: Steve Ishmael to talk a little about high flying and low flying. It’s free to 2018 CLASS students, $25 for non-students, and if you’re within riding distance, I hope you’ll join us. The raffle is fantastic with things like half off a SHOEI helmet and a full set of Dunlop tires, not to mention the hats and tee shirts from DP Brakes and more. And yes, the OMG hot dog guy will be here again and lunch is on CLASS! Pre-register today.

Never Stop Learning is my slogan again this year and I’ve had the opportunity to be reminded…  Many of you know I had a hiccup entering the Corkscrew in March and wound up hitting the ground hard. I fractured 7 ribs and my pelvis in two places. I am happy to say I’m much better now though the recovery has been a little tiresome. But I put down the walking stick a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I am extremely grateful for my excellent team who, upon my early afternoon departure from Laguna Seca, picked it up and finished the day without a hitch. I’m also thankful for my Shoei X-14 helmet which, though I was out for a couple of minutes, protected me from a concussion, not even a headache.

Left: Reg and Wes Cooley. Right: Miguel Duhamel, Ron Pierce, Ken Greene and Gigi P.

In April we had 3 consecutive days out at Streets of Willow. Our Champions Day, Motor Officers and Women’s Days out at Streets of Willow were truly for the record books. About 140 riders over those 3 days and not one single incident. Wes Cooley, Ron Pierce and Miguel Duhamel joined us on the Monday for a terrific time. Lots of great stories in addition to a fantastic CLASS with plenty of riding and learning.

Motorofficer2018.jpg#welovecops Thanks Etech Photo

On Tuesday the Motor Officers Day had us with 60 cops and every single one of them improved and had a great time. Thank you officers and deputies for continuing to make the Motor Officer Advanced Training days continue to grow. Because of the success of that Spring date, we have added a second MOAT date which is October 9, 2018.  We are approaching half full as of now but if you think you’ll make that date, we need to hear from you now. Thanks for helping us get the word out!

The Women’s Day was off the chart. It was great fun to have Gigi step up to help more than ever with classroom and coaching the ladies. The guys of course did a terrific job as well. Rider Magazine’s Jenny Smith wrote an article and put it on their “Woman Rider” website. Check it out.

#girlpower One great group of Women CLASS riders! Etech Photo.

Many people ask about Women’s schools, and as of now we don’t have another one planned this season. But CLASS truly is a school for both genders. In fact at D-Day a couple of weeks ago, of 14 students, two were women. Because we teach control and technique in a relaxed, non-competive atmosphere, most women find our standard school to be extremely helpful. If you are or know a woman who would like to become a better, safer, more confident rider, CLASS can help. If you’d like more information, or if you have a group of women riders contemplating their own day, give us a call in the office and Gigi would be happy to talk about coming to CLASS and what to expect.

Click here for the CLASS website

We’re still bubbling from two absolutely amazing days out at Streets of Willow where we had a dozen or so students for D-Day. These schools really do just seem to keep getting better. Perfect weather and a fantastic group of students and instructors really just made it as good as it gets. We received some really exceptional feedback (read one student’s fun accounting here) on those days and my hat’s off to everybody who did such a great job — students and the CLASS team. Thank you for all you do. If you’re interested we have 3 spots remaining for our September D-Day CLASS and bike rentals available. Learn more…

#ridered Marcus follows student Kenn on the CB500F at D-Day. Thanks Etech Photo.

320Turn2Laguna.jpgWe’ll be back on track in July up at Laguna Seca Raceway, now officially called “WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca”. But it’s still one of our very favorites and I know it is for many of you as well. The dates are July 23 and 24 and we are just about 2/3 full right now. We look forward to a full school there again this summer, so don’t delay in getting registered early for that one. For those of you who might not be “local” I still have a few of the CBR500s and CBR300s to rent for two days — talk to us. Register for CLASS.

Honda250Horiz.jpgSpeaking of rental bikes, huge thanks to Honda who once again has stepped up providing CLASS with a new motorcycles. I just received a couple of new 2018 CBR500Rs which have been a welcome addition to our rental fleet. The CBR500R or CB500F – light, nimble bikes with just the right amount of power to work on all the things we teach at CLASS. We also rent the CBR300 and CB300Fs and find that riders also really take to these lightweight, non-intimidating machines to get around the racetrack at a fun and sporty pace. If you think you’d like to join us on one of our CLASS Hondas, talk to us soon.

Gigi and I head off to Norway the middle of next month for a two week motorcycle tour of the mountains and fjords. It’s our fifth trip to that wonderful place and we’re looking forward to spending time on the bike and with many good friends. We’ll take lots of pictures!

I’ll leave you with a little fun from the Motor Officer Advanced Training Day. At the end of lunch we asked the officers to participate, and they obliged with lights and sirens. This time it was the #Hamburglar they were after…

As we head into Summer, we wish you all the best, Ride Safe, Think Fast.



Reg Pridmore
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Reg’s End of Summer Newsletter

Hey Mates,

CONFIDENCE. Maybe you’re wondering why it’s in bold print at the top of this page. That’s James leading the way and he has come such a long way since he first started coming to CLASS many years ago. He’s on a sportbike, but this kind of confidence can be had on any style motorcycle. We have a rider, George,  who comes year in and year out to VIR on a full dresser Harley that amazes all of us. Confidence is such a personal thing and so important to being a good rider. What inspires confidence? I would say it’s all about control, technique and desire. Being able to feel at one with your motorcycle. Your brain, body and throttle hand, your engine and your wheels all in sync. Making it all come together and smoothly flow as one. That’s when confidence comes. Forget about speed, it will come. It’s a good feeling and more than that, having that control is also important in keeping you safe.

But beware of false or over-confidence and bad habits which will lead you down a path you don’t want to be led. Good coaching and good practice can help your riding immensely. But beware of bad coaching too. I once had a student who told me their “racing coach” said if they weren’t crashing, they weren’t doing it right… I couldn’t disagree more. That’s why we do what we do at CLASS.

Since we’ve been back from the Isle of Man tour, Gigi and I have had an extended summer vacation. Very relaxing, but I’m missing riding the racetrack!  It’s finally kicking down a gear as we’ve been hard at work this past couple of weeks finalizing plans for some upcoming schools. I’m proud and excited to be conducting a school wholly dedicated to motorcycle cops. It happens Sept 22 out at Streets of Willow. Last year over Labor Day we had 4 officers from SoCal attend and they were hooked. With their help we’ve put together a whole day just for cops. We’ve got PD, Sheriffs and CHP all coming out to ride and learn and and extending their already vast knowledge of control. We’re really looking forward to it.

But first, we have a great fall season starting up next week. Monday is Labor Day and we, along with our mates at SHOEI Helmets, will be at Streets of Willow to ride!  They will also have several new helmets on hand to take for a demo ride — including the new X-14. I hope you’ll try them out. There are a few openings, so if you’d like to join us, register today. Oh and don’t forget, barbecue lunch is compliments of SHOEI as well. It’s definitely one not to miss.

Today is the LAST day to save if you register for VIR. As of Sept 1, the price goes to $895. Most of you guys have taken advantage of the early sign up $100 savings, but thought I’d just drop a reminder. As of today there are only 3 or 4 spots open, so if you’ve been waiting to sign up, there’s no time like now. Our VIRginia dates are Oct 17 & 18 —  you’ve still got 6 weeks to get your trip plans together, but not if it’s sold out!

D-DAY! is back and the dates are Sept 23 & 24. This is our most in depth and comprehensive class all year. It’s limited to 12 students and we’ll have 12 or more instructors on hand to work with each student extensively. As of today I have two openings and that could be on your motorcycle or on one of mine. If you’re interested in really taking it up a notch or two, consider joining us as one of the Dirty Dozen at D-Day.

We still have some bike rentals available for all our remaining Streets of Willow dates.  We have the 2016 Honda CB300 and CBR300 as well as the 2016 CB500 and CBR500. These are great bikes for that tight technical racetrack and sure to be a ton of fun. Learn more about our bike rental program here.

I am happy to announce I recently re-established a great association with a past sponsor. Many of you may remember Baxley Wheel Chocks from CLASS. These are the best front wheel stands on the market. They are seriously well made and I can highly recommend them. Unlike a rear wheel stand, you can roll the bike into these and both wheels are basically on the ground. Really a nice feature. I will most likely have a couple for sale at the track (I always sell out quickly) but meantime, you might want to check them out at

Last month I blog posted a short entry from my book, Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way. It’s fun to go back and see some of the timely things we (myself with the help of my co-author/editor Geoff Drake) wrote about. This one’s about how the concept of smoothness became all important to me, and you can read it here.  Being a smoother rider paid big dividends in solo racing but also in my Isle of Man sidecar racing in the 70’s.

I hope you’ll come out and ride with us at one of our fall dates — beginning Monday with Labor Day at Streets, and finishing up at Laguna Seca on Nov 3 & 4 (with several dates in between). Check our calendar.   Hope to see you at the track this fall. Til then, ride safe, think fast!


Reg’o #163

P.S. A new shipment of tires just arrived, I better go help unload them. If you need them, Dunlop Q3s are still just $250 delivered to your door. Order here…

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